Waste Recycling Group

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CLIENT:- Waste Recycling Group (WRG) Incinerator,  Eastcroft, Incinerator Road, London Road, Nottingham.

Job Description: – Line Marking

Existing Building:- Metal clad Industrial Units built in 1972 which provide heating into a local district heating network.

Health & Safety :- Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Hot Works Permits & Inductions carried out and approved by  Project Manager  Mr Philip Eyre ( WRG).

Works Carried Out:- Jet wash and clean down tarmac to existing line markings & metal barriers to the gate house and reception hall to the incinerator removing all grease and dirt.

Hand painting of all barriers in yellow quick drying paint also hand painting barrier controls in red and white as existing adding number when dry to 8 number tipping bays. All work was carried out with the operatives harnessed and attached to anchor points within the kerb areas to each bay, all approved within the risk assessment and method statement.

Line marking in white thermoplastic to parking bays, 5 metres long reversing lines to each of the  8 number bays & boxed in with a continuous 45 metres long line, repainting 9 number concrete kerbs in between the bays. Recover existing red non – slip area forming yellow box surround.


The work was surveyed and a quotation submitted, Order sent and works programmed in. The Incinerator only has a shut down for 1 week. D.L Rhodes & Son Ltd completed all works within the week shut down and also carried out additional painting and tarmac repairs within that week shut down.