Standhill Infant School

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Roofing Case Study

Client: Nottingham County Council

Standhill Infant School, Carlton Road, Carlton, Nottingham.

Existing Building

Victorian Imperial Brick building, with welsh slate covering on a pitched roof.

Health &Safety: CDM

Case Study

New roof over New Traditional  Brick Extension, Forming New Main  Entrance, Entrance Lobby & Main Office & Reception.

Works Carried Out

100mm x 75mm treated wall plate a 10mm bedded on a 3:1 mortar mix; Timber trussed with a 30 degree pitch @ 400mm centres. Forming 2 number brick gables which include 2 number brick over sailing courses to the front and rear elevation, verges pointed in a 3:1 mortar with a flushed trowel finish to match existing.

The roof covering consists of 2 timber 300mm wide valleys lined with code 5 lead which is given 2 coats of patanation oil. The timber rafters over sail the main brick work forming a 300mm overhang, with feature brickwork in-between rafters to match the existing detail to the school building.

Where the new slate roof abuts to the existing building, incorporated to the natural slates are lead soakers using code 3 lead, with a lead flashing to the existing brickwork using code 4 lead applying 2 coats of patanation oil when complete.

The build up of the roof covering  consists of  1 layer of breathable felt stapled onto the rafters, 28mm x 50mm pressure treated timber battens, Natural welsh slate 600mm x 300mm each slate fixed with 2 number copper nails.

The new slate roof finished completed with a  angled black clay 500mm long ridge tile to match the existing bedded in a 3:1 mortar mix, finished with a flushed towelled finish.


All the building works to this project was carried out in normal school hour and the school stayed fully operational and minimum disruption while the works were being carried out. The project was completed on time over 10 weeks.